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What to Expect at Our Training Workshops

The Binion Consulting Group has made every attempt to provide our clients with the best training experience possible.  We selected the best venues.  Created the best materials.  Secured the best vendors.  We expect nothing but great remarks from our workshops and seminars.  The following information will help you prepare for one of our dynamic training sessions.

Be comfortable.

Bring your own electronic devices.  Download any materials or pre-work required from our website.  If you are attending an off-site event, we will provide water, coffee, and tea.  You are welcome to bring your own beverages and snacks.  Be comfortable in your attire.  However, we ask that you be professional and respectful in your appearance.

Training site.

We work with our partners to ensure training rooms and facilities are clean and free of debris.  Parking is free with attendance.  Please check with off-site facilities if you have additional questions.

Training day.

Your names have already been provided to the trainer so they will know who to expect. Training will begin on time.  Trainers have the flexibility to move the training along based on the material covered and engagement from the participants.  Breaks will be offered throughout the day.  If the training is a full day, lunch may be offered by the hosting group.  Participants of off-site sessions will have lunch on their own.

Who's in the room?

The trainer will be present and should arrive prior to the session start time.  The trainer may have an assistant to help with facilitation.  You will be there and occasionally a guest speaker will be invited.  All trainers and facilitators are subject matter experts to provide you the best experience possible.





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