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A Time to Embrace

Many of us never believed we would live to see such perilous times in the world. We hope that things will change for the better, but the hearts of people continue to wax cold. People are enduring hardship and empathy is needed more than ever. There are three ways to demonstrate empathy.

  1. Empathy makes you feel. When you look at people who are experience hardship, your heart should feel toward them. Compassionate people do not want to see others hurt, in pain, or struggle. Compassion moves your heart and spirit to care about others more than yourself.

  2. Empathy causes you to share the burden of others. Compassion causes you to embrace the hardship of others. How would you feel if that were you? How would you want to be treated? We often miss empathy because we don't care enough, or we only care if it happens to us.

  3. Empathy compels you to help. You don't walk away from trouble if you can do something to help it go away. Empathy finds a way to help lighten the load or alleviate some of the worry and anxiety. You may not solve every problem, but everyone can do something. As we continue to navigate through these challenging times it will not be easy to just look away. We will need to work together and embrace each other. We will need to share responsibilities and help the less fortunate. We will need each other for support, help, and care. The struggles in our communities will eventually become our own. We will be called upon for a greater sensitivity to these needs and be there for others to help them cope. In the months and years to come we will need each other. It won't just be about you. It will be about us.

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