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Better or Butter

The first task of any leader is to find a successor so they can work themselves out of leadership. Succession planning does not begin when you are tired, ready to quit or give up. Succession planning begins the moment you have been placed in a position of leadership authority. Leaders without vision do not see the need for such planning as they believe they will live forever and run their organizations as if no other capable leadership exists among their ranks. The talent and potential that is present is usually sat on, under utilized and by the time a opportunity presents itself, they are too old to do much good.

There are seven leadership types that build butter (too soft) in their organizations and not better;

1) The Cheerleader. "Come on guys! We can do this!" That motivation lasts for so long. Eventually the people need to see and hear movement toward some goals and objectives.

2) The Procrastinator. No hurry. We can wait. As you are waiting, people are dying and cobwebs are forming around your vision.

3) The Terminator. Kills the dreams, ideas, motivation and inspiration of your team.

4) The Isolator. Creates a culture of cliques, factions and cultures which keep the organization divided and confused.

5) The Fabricator. Has difficulty understanding and communicating the truth within the organization. Good at telling irrelevant stories.

6) The Deliberator. Has meetings for the sake of meetings. Also has meetings to schedule meetings.

7) The Incubator. Quick to talk about vision, goals, their inspirations, but lacks the ability to produce results outside their mental and emotional womb.

Jesus began His ministry at age 30. He was a young adult. His first order of business was to find 12 men to see His vision and prepare to run His world-wide organization, the church. He invested in them with teaching, training and constant reminders that he would be leaving. He gave them immediate opportunities to show their capacity, even when they failed. His leadership plan was to build better men. Once He was gone, Peter stepped up and started the church.

If you are a leader in an organization today, take a good look at your style and determine if you are building better or butter among you team.

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