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Building to be The Best

Boys growing up in our neighborhood had go-karts. We would scramble around the trash and look for pieces to build, then we would race. I wanted to build a go-kart and found an old lawnmower with wheels. I had difficulty taking the wheels off and my father watched me from the back door of our home. Seeing my anguish, he told me to get in the car and we drove to Damman Hardware store. We bought wood, bolts, screws, wheels, axles, paint, nails and a flag. My dad was the person who did not begin a project if he could not do it right. He gave me instructions on how to build the go-kart and when done, I had the best in the neighborhood.

Since the Pandemic we have discussed how difficult it has been to find talented workers. Good talent will invest in their talent to remain relevant. Good talent is not content with yesterday's insights. Good talent stays abreast of the current theories, trends, and applications to remain excellent. Many of the people who work for our companies have potential, but do not build to remain the best in their craft. Some employees are content with mediocrity, but quick to complain if they do not get the raises or promotions they desire. In their delirium, they believe they should be rewarded for not doing excellent work. They want to be rewarded for deceiving their management about the number of remote hours they completed. They want to be rewarded for not following through on projects, and completing assignments half-heartedly. Yet they want to be respected as "professional."

My Godfather told me at age 14 to learn my responsibility and the responsibilities of everyone around me. It was not enough for me to be good at one thing. I needed to be good at everything. The more I knew, the more valuable I would be. I applied this adage as an adult in every professional opportunity. Mature professionals strive to be the best. They read, train, go to workshops and conferences. They use the tools they are given and apply principles of success. They do not make excuses. They build to be the best.

If you have people on your teams who are not building to be their best, keep pushing them. Don't allow them to give you a sob story regarding why it did not get done. Do not accept their mediocrity or laziness. Remind them that a professional salary is the reward for professional work. Encourage them to build for today and the future. Encourage them to build to be the best.

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