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Clear Your Desk

One of the first lessons I learned as a young leader at General Motors was to clear my desk at the end of the day. This did not mean I completed every project, but I was told to clear my desk to begin each morning with a clear head. Clutter would cause me to lose focus and waste time being unproductive. A clean desk would allow me to organize my day and prioritize tasks efficiently. People who are short with people (sad, hurt, overwhelmed, rejected, and tired) usually have clutter within themselves, or around them.

Clutter is not only physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual. People have cluttered minds, hearts, souls, and spirits. If your life is cluttered you will experience frustration, anxiety, and stress, each leading to health issues and complications. It is important to take periodic inventory of your life and remove clutter. That does not mean you go to the extreme and remove everyone and everything. You can easily remove people you need to retain to keep your life in balance. You can easily remove commitments and activities you need to keep you connected to the world. Removing clutter begins with being honesty about what you have allowed to redirect energy and focus. People cannot clutter your life unless you allow them to do so.

Clearing your desk is also key to peace of mind. If you are not sleeping well, eating well, or experiencing wellness in your relationships, you may not have peace. Are you waking up each morning with joy and enthusiasm about the day? Do you spend to much time trying to escape your reality (web surfing, television, pre-occupied with family or friends, work, restlessness - always needing to do something or go somewhere). Are you always irritated by small things, always complaining, negative, or looking for things to correct in people? These are signs and indicators that you have some clutter that needs to be thrown out.

It's easy to accumulate clutter over time. I just threw out two pair of loafers. I could have kept them. They were comfortable, but they were worn out, did not look good on my feet, and it was time for a new pair. Clutter prevents us from moving into new dimensions of success for fear of the unknown, being comfortable with what we know works, or what we think is working when it isn't. If you are not happy and content with your current state of affairs, it may be time to get rid of the clutter. Clutter can be a mindset, attitude, behavior, thought process. No matter the category, clutter will hold you back from seeing clearly. Clutter clouds judgment and prevents you from making the best choices and decisions for your life and family.

Several years ago I visited a ministry in Orlando, Florida while there on business. The Pastor's message was, "Start Your New Year Now." It was October. The message was about eliminating the old from your life and focusing on the new. I was there at the right time and that message was timely. I left that service challenged and changed. Perhaps you are reading this blog and need some things to change in your life. Don't expect other people to change to make you happy or content. Look for the clutter in your life and start throwing out what robs you of peace, joy, and happiness.


your desk.

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