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Do You Love What You Do?

The Great Resignation has shifted the landscape of our economy. People left good jobs for better jobs. People left meaningless jobs for meaningful jobs. Some people left jobs entirely and are taking extended breaks to discover the next step on their career journey. People have suddenly realized their unfulfillment or unhappiness in work and decided to make changes. Employees have walked away and many are not looking back.

Doing what you love is essential to your purpose as well as your financial and mental well being. The emphasis on self care has caused people to give more consideration to how they spend their time in every aspect of life. Making money is still important, but making money doing what makes you content is more important. Many of us were raised to "get a good job" that pays well and allows you to provide for your family. Rarely were we taught to align our life ambitions with financial security. After years of forcing ourselves out of bed, driving in frustrating traffic jams, and drinking bad coffee from the employee lounge, we realize something needs to change.

People always ask me, how do I know my purpose? How do I know what I love? I had a meeting with a client and she disclosed that she always wanted to be an artist, but her father discouraged her citing she would not make any money. He encouraged her to go into a field more stable, but she never found fulfillment. She still works in that field, but is now working toward her passion - art. Here are a few tips to help you determine what you love and move in that direction.

1. Don't listen to naysayers. People without vision will always discourage you from pursuing your passion. Ignore them. Believe in yourself and push yourself toward your life's pursuits.

2. Know your likes and passions. Don't commit your life to doing something you hate just because it makes a lot of money. There is always room for your gift.

3. Trust a reliable friend. People who know you can often see what you are missing. Ask someone who knows you what they see as your strengths. Consider their advice and move if it aligns with your passions.

4. People buy anything. Don't sell yourself out thinking no one wants what you offer. If a guy can become a millionaire selling pet rocks, you can be as successful with your idea or invention.

5. Don't stop dreaming. Henry Ford started building cars in his garage in Detroit, Michigan. Each of us knows someone directly, or indirectly that has worked for the Ford Motor Company. His dream became someone's reality.

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