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Don't Miss Your Water

I do many trainings where the topic of discussion is appreciation. I am always disappointed in the number of people who feel unappreciated by their companies. People have given so much without acknowledgement feel overwhelmed and underpaid. It's not uncommon and leads to many employees revolting against everything from unfair wages to inoperable working conditions. Employees are striking, quitting, and leaving professions, some not doing anything because they are tired of being treated unjustly.

Several years ago one of the senior managers at General Motors decided to retire. We had a nice send off for him and wished him well. He had worked over 40 years for the company and was a specialist in his area of expertise. A few weeks later I saw him on the premises. The company called him back as a consultant because they had no one to replace his knowledge base. Fortunately for the company he agreed to return.

There are people within our organizations who are passionate about their profession. They come in early and stay late. They come out of their pockets for coffee, tea, and snacks for the breakroom. They do the work of three people only paid for one. These people are blessings to companies and rarely compensated for the intangibles they bring to the office every day, some on weekends. Yet companies will let these individuals walk away rather than give them the rewards they deserve. They soon get a case of amnesia and realize what they had and what they lost. They miss their water because the well ran dry.

People realize their talents are at a premium in today's market. They command higher salaries knowing they can get what they want. Those who want more money are getting it. Those who want titles are getting them. Those who want to be treated better are finding those relationships. The companies who lose value in their employees are scrambling to replace them, often with less qualified talent who also demand higher compensation.

If you have valuable employees on your team, appreciate them. It's not always about the money, but a thank you and acknowledgement for a job well done. It's the feeling of gratification that comes when you know your life-long contributions make a difference and you are shown how valuable you are to the mission and vision of the organization. In working with many clients I see many talents who are irreplaceable. These talents left because in the actions of their leadership, no one cared about them. Valuable people who make your life easy should be appreciated. It does not matter if it is a leader, pastor, co-worker, team member or spouse. Let these people know how much you appreciate what they give to make your life easy.

Don't miss your water and don't let your well run dry.

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