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Going Out to Go Up

My wife and I watched the last season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This is a show about a female comedienne and her agent who rise to stardom during a time where men dominated the industry. In one episode she was featured on a Jack Parr showcase and out performed the male comedians, but she was not selected as a headliner for the show in favor of one of the other male talents her agent represented. She told the producer for Jack Parr, "One day I hope to tell you I told you so." In the last episode time jumped to 2005 and showed her and her agent in their wonderful homes living their best life because they made it. However, it took her getting fired as job a writer from another talk show, that propelled her to push for that stardom.

Often, leadership does not recognize the talent in its midst and great people are forced to leave in order to be recognized for their gifts. Some talent remains dormant in occupations and professions that use the best years of their careers before they realize they can do better elsewhere. Often by the time they leave, they are at the end of their career journey. While opportunities present themselves the youth needed to maximize that potential has diminished. It is up to great talent to know and evaluate their worth and refuse to allow that talent to be marginalized. People will use you to build their visions, but what about your vision. I tell people often to wear your own brand. Don't always invest the brands of others.

Sometimes you may have to leave a company to move up in your professional career. You may choose to remain comfortable, or you can take a chance on yourself and see what happens. The faith road is filled with unforeseen challenges; however, you will never know the depth, breath, or height of the reward until you try. Sam Walton was a clerk at JC Penney before he left to start Walmart. He used that time at JC Penney to learn all he could regarding inventory control, management, and retail and used that knowledge to build a brand worth $240.6 billion dollars.

No matter your position with a company, don't miss an opportunity to be great because you are comfortable, or because you think the company cannot survive without you. Don't give your best career years to organizations and ignore the mission and vision within you. Each of us as a purpose to fulfill and a destiny to reach. You will never achieve either unless you are willing to go out to go up.

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