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Have You Laughed Lately?

Last weekend was pretty uneventful for me. I attended the funeral services for the mother of a close high school friend. I caught up with some of my classmates and spent most of the weekend at home. I had some company on Sunday, but my wife and I relaxed most of the weekend. Sometimes it is good to do nothing. Not sure where we got the idea that we have to always be on the move going somewhere.

Anyhoo, Sunday afternoon we caught up on some DVR recordings and then listened to a couple of comediennes on Netflix. They were very funny and we laughed as we listened to their spin on everyday life. It was good to take a break and laugh out loud. The last few years have bombarded our hearts, minds, and souls with so much stuff. We haven't taken time to think about ourselves, not to mention share a laugh or two with family and friends.

There is a biblical proverbs that says, "a merry heart does good like medicine." Another saying, "laughter is good for the soul," was a common exhortation shared with me by my mother. She did not like me taking life so seriously all the time. Hearty laughter is good for our health. It frees our minds of stress, anxiety, and general worry over things we cannot control. It also reminds us that the funniest parts of our day are the moments with share with people every day. People still make the world go around.

People often tell me I am funny. While I don't see it, it is good to know that something I say or do makes people laugh. I would not quit my day job to become a stand up comic, but there are times when I like to lighten the atmosphere with an occasional folk tale or anecdote. I love to tell stories and have one for just about everything. Several years ago I was working with a training organization. One of the senior trainers told me I was the best story teller he had heard in some time.

I am that uncle who sits in his rocking chair on the porch and summons people to come around to hear a lesson or theory about life. Sometimes I make up jokes with no punchline. People with a dry sense of humor get it. Others, like my older sister, won't get it. If you are around her you will hear her laugh months later when she finally realizes it was a joke. When was the last time you had a good laugh? There is so much foolishness and mayhem in the world we need to stop and laugh. I know some of you are experiencing some challenging moments in your personal and professional lives; however, nothing is so serious that you can't take a minute to share a laugh or just smile. It takes more muscles to frown than smile you know.

Live life. Live it well. Love someone along the way. Laugh at the gallons of lemonade you have made with all the lemons life has thrown at you.

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