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Happy New Year!

What do you do with a new year? Do you make promises, set goals, make resolutions? Each new year provides opportunities to reflect upon the previous year. Setting goals should be every leader's priority. However, goals that are not practical will never be achieved. Rather than start off with lofty ideals, I suggest the following for every leader in a decision-making assignment.

  1. Evaluate the prior year goals. Which goals did you achieve, not achieve, and why? What resources did you not have to enable you to reach your timelines? Take careful inventory of your environment and assess you operations. If you don't have what you need to get it done, find a way to make the investment in your capacity.

  2. Evaluate your team. Look at your staff and assess each one personally. Do they have the skillsets needed to be high-performing? Do they have true leadership or management ability? Can they manage the 4 Ps of a strong organization? This is the time to set new standards and communicate them for ongoing success.

  3. Evaluate your culture. Are you building a culture that people want to be part of? Are people looking to get into your organization or get out? What type of talent are you attracting and why? This is the time to look at what you may be lacking as an organization with a goal to build and expand.

  4. Evaluate yourself. What type of leader are you? How are you communicating the mission and vision of your organization / department? Do your people know where they are going, who they are following? Is leadership and accountability clearly defined? Take a look at your leadership and assess if you are the right person to infuse energy into the vision.

  5. Evaluate your relationships and partnerships. Do you have the right combination of motivational assets around you? Are your partners strategic? Are your relationships comprised of people who can push you to the next level? Do you want to be pushed or are you satisfied being the top dog? A leader is only as great as the people following him / her.

These are great ways to being the year. Set meetings with your team to complete these evaluations and be honest about what needs to change. The year will go by quickly. Don't waste time and energy with the old. Focus on making this year better.

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