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Out With the Old

Many people start the new year with resolutions to do things differently. Resolutions are difficult to keep and most are broken within the first month of January. It is more practical to look at your habits and determine which need to be broken and eliminated. Old habits die hard, but they can die with the right amount of discipline and determination.

I do not believe in life failures. I believe there are course corrections that will keep us on track. Everyone makes mistakes. It takes courage to admit them, learn from them, and move forward. Maturity is the goal. Perfection means maturity. Our primary life goal should be to define ourselves according to our purpose, using our gifts and talents to move us on our journey.

Cluttered minds and hearts prevent us from moving in the right direction. A favorite author of mine, Chuck Swindoll, wrote a book called, "Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back - Persevering Through Pressure." He discusses how we make significant steps in life, but allow the clutter of our lives to set us back. This back and forth prevents us from seeing our progress because we focus more on what is behind us than what is in front of us. He encourages readers to press forward knowing you will eventually arrive at your destination if you don't quit.

As you begin a new year, take a look at what you have overcome. Think about how you made it and your greatest opposition. Get rid of what hinders you and make a commitment, not a resolution, to be better. You will arrive at your destination faster once you decide to move in the right direction, no matter how long it takes. We all have potential for progress.

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