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Overcoming a Dry Season

It is easy to become disenchanted with the world looking at the events and listening to the reports. Nothing seems to remedy the emotional stress including travel and getting away from it all. I used to take joy in watching my favorite shows on television to mentally decompress, but lately all I want to do is find some sun and put my face toward it. However, I live in Michigan our climate limits us to one month of sun each year - August.

A dry season is a period in life that does not seem to produce. You work hard and gain little. You make the right connections and advance little. You get the right position and grow little. You do all the right things, but the expectations and outcomes fall short of what is desired. Dry seasons affect many aspects of your life including relationships, finances, faith, and professional growth. We all go through dry seasons. Dry seasons don't last forever.

Dry seasons occur for many reasons; 1) to restart - life becomes rudimentary and a restart is needed to energize our mind, 2) to refocus - we lose sight of our priorities and give too much energy to the fruitless pursuits of life, 3) to re-equip - we deplete ourselves of the energy needed to face the day-to-day challenges, and 4) to re-align - faith is a key component for success and we may need to remember who created us and why we were created. Dry seasons allow us to purge ourselves of everything and everyone that does not water our soul and keep us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually hydrated. Here are a few ways to overcome your dry season.

  1. Make some new friends. Connect with people who are inspiring and uplifting. Cut off those who do not have authentic relationship capacity.

  2. Stop being negative. Focus on what is good around you. Focus on the good in the people around you.

  3. Invest in you. Spend some of your wealth on you. Get something shiny and new. Treat yourself to a reward.

  4. Have faith. Regardless of your spiritual or religious convictions, the physical body is limited in ability to sustain you. I believe in the One who was, and is, and is to come - the Almighty.

  5. Make every day count. We live on this planet for a short time. Don't waste time doing nothing. Give your time, talent, and treasures to things that are worthwhile and meaningful.

Practice these steps regularly and you will come out of your dry season.

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