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Tell Your Story

Everyone has a narrative to tell regarding the time they spend on this planet. Many people leave this planet having never told their story to anyone. Loved ones left behind often find discarded treasures while rummaging through memories. Our graveyards are filled with buried treasure.

Some people are ashamed to tell their story not wanting to include the dark ages. However, the dark ages and pages of our lives provide rays of hope to many able to look beyond the scars and see sunlight. The pages we want to omit are often keys to unlocking wisdom and promise to those who desperately need it. Everyone has a scar that remains to keep us humble and mature us where we need to grow most in our relationships.

Your story also has information that leads people toward their destiny and purpose. People seek help, answers, clarity, and the path you have taken often provides the missing link for others who are one step away from fulfilling their life's plan. An unwillingness to share your story may deprive someone of doing something great in the earth that benefits mankind as well as themselves.

Your story also lets others know you are human, not error free, but able to overcome life's mistakes with determination and perseverance. Your story is a testimony to how you believed enough to keep fighting even when fighting against immeasurable odds. Don't deprive the world of an opportunity to learn from your life. I have yet to read a book by any author who wrote just to humor themselves. Authors write to inspire others from their experiences and leave gemstones of wealth for the mind to capture.

Tell your story as often as you have opportunity. You have nothing to be ashamed of and whatever you want to conceal, you are not the first with a blemish on your soul. Give people a chance to be better by hearing the sounds of your life.

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