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That Wasn't Very Funny

My older brother is a typical big brother. He clowns me often, tells plenty of jokes, and reminds me that he is the all knowing one. He has mellowed out as of late, but when we where younger, I got it bad. Once I was in between jobs and looking for work. I knew my brother had some connections and I asked him to help me. He gave me a phone number to a company and told me to all immediately as they were looking to hire. Here is the conversation I had once I made the call

Me: Dialing number.

Receptionist. Hello. Thank you for calling the Detroit Zoo.

Me. Hello. I am calling because I understand you are looking for help. May I speak to MR. G. RAFFE?

Receptionist. There is no one here by that name.

Me. I was referred to you and told to ask for MR. G. RAFFE.

Receptionist. I am sorry. Perhaps you have the wrong number.

Me. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Suddenly, It dawned on me that my brother had played the worst prank on me at the worst time. I called the zoo and asked for Mr. G. Raffe (Giraffe). I was mad. I called my brother and he laughed uncontrollably. I told him that wasn't funny. I still remind him of that prank and he still laughs hysterically.

The world is still reeling from the "slap heard around the world." Chris Rock told a joke that did not go over well with Jada Pickett Smith at the 2022 Oscar Awards. She did not find it funny and it provoked her husband to react wrongly. In this day of "cancel culture' it is important that we pay more attention to where people are in their mental state. The post-pandemic world will be different, as will our relationships with people. Certain jokes won't be funny anymore. It will take a minute for people to settle into this new world and learn how to laugh again.

Many of us have a sense of humor and that is sorely needed today; however, it should not come at the expense of people who may be hurting or going through difficult circumstances. As we redefine our relationships and re-engage people in our communities, let's get to know one another again and discover what we may have missed two years ago. This is a great time for us to become better at loving and appreciating the people who bless our lives.

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