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To Whom Much is Given

Like most children, I looked forward to Christmas Day as a youngster. I never asked for anything specific and was usually surprised at what was under the tree. I was thankful for all my gifts and wished I had kept some of the toys that would have great value today. Once I found out mom and dad were Mr. and Mrs. Claus, my expectations on Christmas changed and I started asking my parents for specific gifts. However, the gifts began to change from what I wanted, to what my parents believed I needed.

One year I received a pack of college ruled, lined paper and ink pens. I also received journals and notebooks. One year I received an acoustic guitar. One year I received art supplies. The last year my dad bought me gifts, I was 12. My dad bought me a tape recorder and a microphone. Looking back at these years, I understand why I received these particular presents. I got the paper and pens because my parents discerned I would one day be a writer. I received the guitar because my parents knew I had musical talent and would one day sing before many and write songs. I received the art supplies because I had a creative talent and could draw and paint. I received the tape recorder because my parents knew one day my voice would be heard by thousands.

During my journey I have struggled to manage myself and each of these talents. I am certain that I have not used each of them to my fullest ability, but I have used them. I am determined to maximize my life's potential before I leave this world. I have written 43 books, 100 songs, and spoke before many as a trainer, educator, coach, minister, and keynote speaker. I am still working on the art thing, but finished a few paintings and drawings which hung in my office for awhile. I also know that God never gave me a job. He gave me assignments to bless this world and its people.

Leaders can be very gifted and talented people. While our primary responsibility appears to strategically direct groups and individuals in following a mission and vision, there are other assignments that require our creative genius. We are needed in the marketplace, community, classroom, and pulpits. We are incubators of great business ideas, and coaches of future leaders. We are needed to craft strategies, develop policies, influence people, and cast vision. The need for our talents and gifts outreaches the four walls that confine us for 40 plus hours each week. There are people, organizations, agencies, and movements that need to see and hear our testimonies. The more talent and gifting you have, the greater the need for you and the larger your expanse.

Your greatness is not solely measured by the number of sales or deals you close for your business. Your greatness is also measured by how well you manage your life and the tools the Lord gave you to perfect it. Don't be content with using a little. Be determined to use it all. The world is waiting and counting on you.

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