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Unchartered Waters

Jennie B. Wilson wrote a hymn in 1906 with the following words, "Time is filled with swift transition, none on earth unmoved can stand, build your hopes on things eternal, hold to God's unchanging hand." There is much uncertainty all around us and none of us know how we will navigate through all the changes flashing before us. Daily we are faced with something new, a new virus, a new threat, a new war. Other changes involve education, employment, finance, information and technology. There is always something new occurring, life's unchartered waters.

Shifts and changes are taking place in every landscape in the world. People are deciding to do new things because they are bored and uninspired by the old. While there is nothing new under the sun, we are witnessing global and current events many thought would not be seen until we were long gone from this world. These events have motivated people to enter unchartered waters to discover a new course in life. The destination may be the same, but the process for arriving will look different from the previous.

The unknown can be fearful. The unpredictable brings apprehension. However, neither presents such a burden that we are prevented from taking leaps of faith and trusting our gut instincts. Timing is everything and many have said, "the time is now; if I don't do it now when?" Executives are walking away from million dollar jobs to start farms and bakeries. Teachers are leaving the classrooms to start fashion lines. Politicians are leaving government positions to write books. Some are doing nothing trying to figure out what's next.

My father used to tell me "nothing beats a failure but a try." I now understand there is no such thing as failure, only missteps required to achieve a goal. There are circumstances and experiences needed to mature my faith and character. Therefore, I am thankful for every lesson life taught me. I gained wisdom even when I chose not to apply it. The unchartered waters of my existence showed me that I need the motion of the waves to appreciate the depth and beauty of the ocean.

If you are in unchartered waters, embrace the current. Don't fight it. Let it take you where you need to go to arrive at your final destination. You may discover life's currents are necessary to keep you on the right course.

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