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What Do You Want?

I believe words have power. Proper use of words can create, launch, and direct people toward their destiny and path in life. Proper use of words builds self-esteem and enables people to grow confidence in themselves and abilities. Improper use of works can discourage or dismantle the emotional capacity of people. Improper use of words may have such a negative impact on people they will give up on living or decapacitate their mental fortitude.

Words are also key in helping people get what they want. Words manifest from supernatural to natural. You will have whatever you say. Some people believe words are just expressions of thoughts; however, they forget the transforming power behind the meaning of words. Several years ago I went to a supermarket in Detroit. As I was leaving a mother was going into the market with her toddler son. In her frustration with the child she belittled him, cursed him, said all manner of demeaning and condemning things about him and his future. This man is in his 40s today and I wonder how much of his mother's words manifested in his life.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Perhaps our language promotes insanity by thinking words have no bearing on outcomes. People will respond based on what is sown into their consciousness. Therefore, how can you expect someone to be great when daily you remind them of their missteps? How can you expect someone to soar when your words are oppressive and belittling? There are several stories of adults who gave up on life because the people in their core did nothing except humiliate and embarrass them every day of their lives. One sign of someone with narcissistic behavior is their relentless defamation of character. The following are ways to give strength to your words.

  1. Don't demand. Ask. People are more inclined to help you when you ask for their help, rather than tell them what you want them to do.

  2. Stop complaining. If you constantly complain about the actions of others, their may be something troubling you that has nothing to do with them.

  3. Communicate. People may be willing to give you what you want if you share your thoughts openly and honestly.

  4. Become an encourager. Rather than look for faults of others, look for good in people and emphasize their strengths. Remind people of their greatness, not their weakness.

  5. Invest in the success of others. Successful people benefit everyone. Successful ideas become innovative businesses. Successful thoughts become books. Commit to offering your resources to help people become successful, especially those in your core.

If you have a particular expectation of people in your inner circle, it will only occur when your words empower them to achieve. Your team members, students, friends, and family members will be hindered if your words convey no positive meaning. Some people have waited on a change in people, but contributed little to encourage the change by their speech. Let's be committed to encouragement. Over time you will see great changes in people and their lives.

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