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A Need for Patience

I began searching for a new auto lease in January. My current lease ended in March and I was unable to find what I wanted for the price I wanted. I finally found a car I wanted, but the salesperson told me I would have to wait about three weeks for delivery. I was able to extend my current lease for six months if needed, but I will have to wait before getting my new car.

Everything is held up in our current economy. Grocery stores are constantly out of stock. Auto dealerships are out of stock. My clothier has been out of stock and unable to get fashions delivered for the spring season. Items we would normally go into a store and purchase must be ordered and many orders are delayed indefinitely. We are living in a time where patience must be practiced.

It can be quite irritating waiting on simple necessities. At the beginning of the plague, people hoarded toilet tissue, wipes, Kleenex, and other cleaning essentials. Shelves were empty and rations were issued by stores to allow customers the ability to purchase what they needed. Until supply caught up with demand, we had to be patient. Every industry was affected by lack of supply, worker shortages, or businesses adjusting their hours of operation. As the world slowly returns to pre-plague conditions, there is still a need for patience.

There will never be "normal" again. The world has changed. People have changed. Economic conditions have changed. We will have to change with these times. We will need patience as we adjust to our new personal and professional relationships. We will wait for many things going forward, from online deliveries to scheduling appointments with our health care professionals. Patience must be practiced to prevent unnecessary frustration and reduce tension.

I don't know if things will get better. I do know that if we are going to resume life as we were accustomed, we will need to give more respect, learn to relax, operate in empathy, and most of all be patient.

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