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A Reason to Live, A Reason to Love

Christmas is a time to reflect upon the important things in life. As children we looked forward to gifts under the tree and stayed up late hoping to see Santa Claus. Now that we are older, we appreciate life, seeing family, and just experiencing the joy of Christmas. Christmas is a time to remember years gone by and those who have gone with them. Christmas is a time to laugh at corny jokes and listen to the stories of Uncle Julius who has dozens to share. Christmas is also the time to show the greatest appreciation to those who love you.

There are some people who grieve during this time of the year over loved ones missing at the dinner table. Death isn't easy for anyone, but the benefits of living are too many to ignore. Living means you have an opportunity to encourage someone along their journey. Living means you have a chance to live your life on purpose. Living means you are still dreaming, hoping, and believing. Living means you can experience the joy and wonder of this world with all its beauty. Christmas is a reason to live.

Christmas is a reason to love. We show love and appreciation to those who love you unconditionally. We show love to those who make our lives better. We show love to those who are there for us during difficult times. We show love to those who put up with our bad attitudes, wrong behavior, unkind words, and selfish demeanor. We show love to the only people who have the patience to put up with us when we don't deserve it.

Christmas is many things to people. It's Jesus Christ. It's the family and friends. It's the joy of a child's eyes. It's the gathering at dinner. It's the ugliest of sweaters. Each of these is a present and a gift and this gives us the greatest reason to live and love.

Merry Christmas

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