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Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

Hey friends.

I just returned from celebrating my 60th birthday, my wedding anniversary, and this weekend we celebrate my wife's birthday. August wipes me out, not to mention six other family birthdays this month.

I listened to Pastor T.D. Jakes who was interviewed about being in his 60s. He shared how he was told to stop saying he was old and embrace the greatness of age. He later shared that many people did their greatest work after 60. Therefore, I am excited about doing my best work in this season of my life.

Many companies don't value age. They believe that youth should be desired and many aging workers are phased out, their responsibilities delegated to younger workers. Losing mature workers means you may also lose the following:

  1. Maturity. Older workers possess a discipline and work ethic that many younger workers have not developed.

  2. Dependability. Older workers come from a generation where loyalty and dependability are important aspects of their character.

  3. Trustworthiness. Older workers provide a level of trust, honesty, and transparency needed for stability in the company.

  4. Mentors. Younger workers need someone who will set an example of professionalism and excellence.

  5. Wisdom. Older workers provide knowledge and understanding about navigating through life with perseverance to achieve success.

  6. Calm. Older worker know how to weather storms and help younger works to be still during chaos.

  7. Love. Older workers typically have empathy learned through life and know how to communicate to others going through rough times.

Here are a few testimonies of people who achieved greatness after 60.

- Actress Judi Dench appeared in the James Bond movie Goldeneye at age 61. She later won an academy award and six other nominations for movie roles.

- Frank McCourt won a Pulitzer Prize for Angela's Ashes. He did not start writing until 65.

- Ray Kroc bought the rights to McDonald's at age 59 and made it the number one fast food franchise in the world.

- Toni Morrison became the first Black woman to win Nobel Prize for Literature at age 62.

- Hubert Jones founded the Boston's Children's Chorus at age 69. This non-profit is devoted to art, culture, music, and social change.

- Grandma Moses did not begin painting until 76 after giving up embroidery due to arthritis. By the time of her death, her paintings were displayed in museums all over the world.

- James Parkinson discovered the disease that would be named after him in 1817 at age 62. His findings are still used today to help treat the disease.

- Harlan Sanders did not start frying chicken until he was in his 60s. Today Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the largest franchises in the world.

You are only as old as you feel. Don't let anyone belittle you for being older. Our business community and world need mature workers to bring peace, stability, and hope to the world.

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