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Building Successful Professionals

Those dedicated to training leaders and managers do so with a passionate heart. Our desire is to see companies outperform their competition with a staff of highly trained and professional team members. Someone who is properly equipped will add value to the organization and their professional portfolio. The good news is these people will be juggernauts for their departments. The not-so-good news is they will receive multiple offers from companies looking for the best talent available.

That does not negate the fact that every company should make training a priority. Employees who are trained reduce waste, increase performance, and assist in building efficient processes and procedures. These people will make the job of leadership easy. I was in a senior leadership position with General Motors and the leadership training I received remains the best over 20 years later. My management realized I had leadership potential and mandated that I take courses in their school of leadership, GMU (General Motors University). I learned how to build and lead high performing teams, how to manage fast-paced departments, and how to achieve goals in a demanding and highly visible organization. I apply these practical principles to my business and in training leaders in other organizations.

I often say those who refuse to get involved forfeit their right to complain. When I speak to leadership who complain about the capacity of their team members, the first question I ask is how much training they received? People arrive at companies from many backgrounds and only a small percentage received the necessary training to perform in their assignment. Fewer received training in aspects of professionalism and relationship building. I recently taught a business professionalism course at a university to students preparing to enter the marketplace. The students shared how valuable the information was. It helped them prepare for acclimation to professional cultures and other areas of business etiquette.

The slogan of the Binion Consulting Group is "Managing the Business of Excellence." We take pride in helping companies prepare their teams to be excellent in their assignments. Companies committed to building great employees take advantage of our program and course offerings. We regularly receive testimonials of how participants remember our training and have applied our principles professionally and personally. If your company or organization has a goal to be the best in its industry, make training a priority, not an afterthought. You will be richer and reap the rewards of a team that gets it done - right.

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