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Do the Small Things Well

I recently started a new assignment, but before launching it I sought wisdom and counsel form several people I trusted. One of those people was my spiritual mother. She has been in my life since I was 14 years old. I always consult with her regarding matters of the heart. I received a letter from her last week expressing her excitement regarding this new venture. Amidst the wisdom she gave me was this, "Do the small things well."

Most of us want to do well in the things entrusted to us. We want to be good employees, good managers, good parents, and good friends. We want to put forth our best effort and never be accused of not trying. My dad used to quote this saying to me often before I began any project, "Once a task is first begun, never leave it till it's done. Be a labor great or small, do it well or not at all." Doing things well should be the goal in every task or assignment in our lives.

If excellence is an option, the other alternatives may not produce an outstanding product. Sometimes we take our audiences for granted and don't put our best foot forward. Our comfort zones can make us a bit lazy and either we don't do things well, or we expect others to do things for us. I read a lot because I want to be the best in my career field. I work hard to extend my knowledge base because I never want to be asked a question I can't answer.

I have seen people lose followers because they assume people aren't going anywhere. They recycle old material, trying to spin it as new. I watch people cut and paste rather than write new and fresh ideals. I hear speakers give the same speech from years ago, rather than create the inspirational and impactful. Doing the small things well means we always approach a task with our best. We give our best energy, best effort, and best thought.

People will remember your best. I get complimented often on the spirit of excellence seen in my work. However, I am my worst critic. I am never satisfied and always striving for better. Someone once said, "If you shoot for the moon and fail, the least you will get are stars." Your work is a reflection of your commitment to yourself and your values. Being great begins with doing your best and doing the small things well.

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