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Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick

We have survived much the last two years. Sickness, disease, inflation, recession, and untimely death are a few obstacles we overcame. How did we make it? For many of us it was by hope and determination.

Hope is a powerful weapon in our means of survival. People prolong life by hope. People acquire success by hope. People saw dreams become reality by hope. People beat the odds by hope. Hope is the driving factor of faith and spirit that keeps people fighting though challenges of life seem insurmountable. Yet with each new challenge there is a resolve to fight and win.

I planned to go to college after high school, but my father refused to pay for my tuition because my older brother disappointed him in his college endeavors. I got discouraged. I was accepted at the colleges I selected, but there was no money. My college counselor told me to have hope and things would work out for me. During our college announcement assembly, she announced where the seniors would attend college and the scholarships they received. I was surprised when she called my name and told me I received a full ride to the college of my choice courtesy of Faygo Beverages. I had written an essay entitled, "Why I am Tired of High School." I was one of three students selected in the entire city of Detroit.


It is easy to become discouraged at the current state of affairs in our world. People are hurting and there appear no practical solutions to ease their suffering. However, there are stories of resilience, courage, and strength all around us, people unwilling to give up because they have hope. Some have risked their lives for their beliefs. Others have lost their lives knowing the costs. Despite the stories we have read and heard, people are still fighting. They wake up each morning and press on. They smile when they want to sigh, laugh when they want to cry. People found silver linings behind the dark clouds of life because of hope.

Encourage yourselves and remember hope does not make ashamed. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of life. Never give up. Never throw in the towel. Never surrender. Never quit.

Have hope.

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