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It's Not Just a Job; It's an Adventure

I have yet to see a course in any high school or college curriculum called "Discovering Your Purpose." Within all the academic, technical, or skilled trades disciplines there is no program that helps students focus on their life work or callings. Most of us were encouraged by our parents and grandparents to "get a good job" so we could support ourselves and families financially. What good is a job if you hate it? There is more to life than money. There is more to work than working.

Each person on this planet has an assignment. That assignment does not change if you are married, divorced, single, separated, children, no children, young or old. Our parents should have recognized the talents and gifts given to us to assist us in completing our assignment. Instead, we relied on teachers, professors, friends, pastors, and others to give us clues on what we should be and how we should pursue that ambition.

The greatest feeling in life comes in doing what your purpose and assignment dictates. You will be healthier when you follow your purpose. Your relationships will be more enriched and fulfilling when you follow your purpose. Your children will be well-rounded when you follow your purpose. Ultimately, you will gain peace of mind when you discover and follow your purpose. Purpose does not automatically eliminate tests of character, life trials, or unforeseen circumstances. Purpose means that whatever you encounter in life, the focus on purpose keeps your mind at ease. You know your assignment is bigger than you.

I have read many stories about CEOs, corporate executives, politicians and others who left seven-figure incomes to pursue their life's dreams. Some went from banking to barns. Some left the White House for the garage. Some left writing computer programs for making coffee. Each of these people also reported a greater peace and fulfillment knowing they were making a difference in the world. Most recently I spoke with a manager who left a reputable heating and cooling company after 16 years. She now works for an organization that supports people of domestic abuse. She said it is the most rewarding thing she has ever done.

What adventure have you delayed because you were more concerned about paying bills than about improving the quality of life for others? Look around you. This world needs people committed to their life work, not just showing up at a 9 to 5, doing meaningless tasks, and taking home a paycheck. Our world needs people who want to help people become better, healthier, stronger. Our world needs more donut makers, and gardeners, the passions often put on hold to gain degrees, grow careers, and start families.

I recommend we all look at what gives us joy and run towards that line. You will be okay. The bills will get paid. The children will still play soccer. The laundry will get done. Most importantly, you will begin to enjoy the journey of this life, the grand adventure God designed it to be.

Good Read: Pick up a copy of "The Path - Discovering Your Life's Purpose." By Kevin D. Binion. Available on

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