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It's Not Your Problem

Some people have a savior complex. They run to the rescue of those who are drowning in their struggles. Some people don't need to be rescued. They need to be released. Leaders struggle with the challenge of allowing their teams to face the consequences of decisions. Leaders also struggle with knowing when to be quiet and let their people learn valuable lessons of life on their own. If you keep rescuing people, they will expect you to rescue them. They will become lazy, unmotivated, unwilling to think, and become a liability to your organization. You will eventually fire them, but much of the fault in their performance will be yours.

Stay in your lane. You hire people do to an assignment in exchange for a fair and equitable wage. You give them a job description, make sure they have the capacity to handle the duties efficiently. You do not micromanage. You do not helicopter. You so not smother. You do not send them multiple emails saying "where are you at with this?" You evaluate them and if they under perform you address the situations and provide steps for improvement. You cannot do two assignments at once. As a leader, your assignment is to make strategic decisions for the organization. You raise the bar and demonstrate how to pass over it.

You cannot worry about matters that are out of your control. Some leaders get too involved in the personal lives of their teams. You should be empathetic. You cannot be Robinhood. I remember coaching a leader who cried every time someone on her team had death in their family. She was a wreck. I wondered how she got anything done. She was too invested emotionally in the lives of her people and that affected her ability to make sound decisions best for the company.

Leaders must realize that many of the issues on your plate are not your problem. Put them in the appropriate category with the right people. Designate and delegate. You cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself. Make sure you know the strengths of the people around you and maximize them. If people should try to burden you with issues outside your sphere of influence, tell them to talk to the responsible leader. If it's not your problem, stop feeling obligated to generate a solution.

Free yourself.

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