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Lay Aside the Weight

Last week I changed mobile phone carriers because Verizon was charging too much money. Consequently, I am saving about $150 monthly going with T-Mobile with the same service. Anyhoo, as I was sending text messages to certain people letting them know my temporary number, I noticed how many phone numbers in my directory had gone unused for at least 10 years. I did not know why I carried these numbers. I had not called these people and they had not called me. I decided to purge my contacts and keep only the relevant phone numbers of my current relationships, personal and business. Funny how suddenly my phone and life felt lighter.

Periodically, we have to lighten the burdens we bear by releasing ourselves of weight that prevents us from moving forward. Everything we commit ourselves to is not bad and all the people we connect with are not bad. Sometimes, we need to let go and make room for the next. I say often that life is filled with more seasons than reasons. Seasons change and for us to be effective in life, we must change with them.

Weight holds us down, holds us back, and keeps us from seeing the area of our focus. Many of you reading this blog have been out of focus, not because your heart was in the wrong place. You have been out of focus because your priorities are out of order and you have not spent enough time on YOU. Some people are in personal relationships that have no future, yet you keep hope alive. Some people are in business relationships with no chance of promotion, yet you believe someone will retire or resign for you to get that spot. Some people are just too comfortable and not allowing themselves to be stretched emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. You are in a rut and need a change, right now. Things will continue the way they have as long as you allow them. You will stay in that rut, miserable, hopeless, and drained. It's time to let something go.

I tell people in my leadership training that often you have to go out to go up. If there is no clear path to advancement with your current company, leave it. Don't give your youth or your best years to making a company successful when they are not willing to make a long-term investment in your professional growth and development. Stop coming home every day painting the cat and dog different colors because you are frustrated by a lack of leadership and vision by those supervising your profession. Money has its purpose, but your purpose is not to make money. You have a gift, talent, or ability that people need to enrich their lives. Discover that purpose and your life will be enriched also.

It's not too late to make a change. Get rid of the clutter and eliminate the distractions. Make time for YOU and start moving. It's time to take a chance on yourself. Stop giving your best to people, things, and systems that do not appreciate it.

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