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Lead From the Front

I work with an organization that provides scholarships to Michigan high school seniors. Our first class was awarded in 2016. One of those students was so impressive that we invited her to speak to our 2017 scholarship class. She attended North Carolina A&T and shared the lessons she learned as a freshman on the college campus. One of the lessons she shared impacted me. She talked about sitting in the back of lecture auditorium but was convicted about her purpose and then moved to the front of the room. She then said, "leaders lead from the front."

There is a leadership void in the world as more people choose to be followers than leaders. There is a difference between an influencer and a leader. Here are some differences,

  1. Leadership is visible. Influence is out of sight.

  2. Leadership is conscious. Influence is usually unconscious.

  3. Leadership is contained. Influence crosses boundaries.

  4. Leadership is immediate. Influence is long-term.

  5. Leadership is public. Influence is often behind the scenes.

  6. Leadership captivates culture. Influence drives culture.

  7. Leaders act on people. Influence affects people and outcomes.

As a leadership coach and mentor, I teach leaders the four C's of leadership.

CONVICTION - Leaders stand behind their values and beliefs even if they stand alone. They do not compromise with what they know is right.

COURAGE - Leaders are not afraid to make tough decisions, even if they are unpopular. They are more concerned about being respected than liked.

COMMITMENT - Leaders see their assignments through until they are complete. They do not quit when confronted by challenges.

COMPASSION - Leaders are always concerned about the people they lead. They become the voice of those society refuses to hear and champions those causes.

If you are a leader, get out there. Remember the power of your influence as well as your leadership. You never know who is "following" you.

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