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Let's Work TWOgether

There is much arguing, fussing, and fighting going on in the world. People refuse to agree on much, even small things. People are forgetting how much can be accomplished when we work together. We don't have to agree on everything, but if we put aside our differences to see the big picture, our energy can be much better directed.

Two is better than one. If two people can agree on anything I can be accomplished. Many of us were raised to be independent, to not need anyone, to do things alone. While independence gives some a sense of pride, the wrong pride is destructive and prevents many right things from being done. In fact, the world's design is set on two people living in harmony. The smallest table in a restaurant has two chairs. A car has two front seats (unless you remember those from 40 years ago with the big front seat.) You buy things in pairs, i.e., a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a pair of earrings. Two heads united can get more done than two heads divided.

There are times when two doesn't work no matter how you try. Unfortunately, some can get more done by themselves rather than wait for, or depend upon people who "don't get it." People have chosen peace over pain and that decision must always be respected. Overall, people need people and working with people who shares common ground will always work better. There is strength in numbers. A team built on synergy will reach goals and accomplishments faster and with more efficiency than teams with no chemistry. I remember a time in college when I had to partner with a classmate to complete a research paper. The gentleman eventually became a good friend while in college, but he was not a good student. I did my share of the project and got an A. He did his share and got a C.

I can mention other times when I worked with people and the end result was great. During my time at General Motors they offered a program that rewarded employees for finding ways to save the company money. I teamed up with another leader in the company to research our warehousing and distribution systems. We discovered waste and put together a program to reduce costs. We were able to save the company approximately $2.5 million annually over a three year period. We received an award, a bonus, and our names in the company newsletter. If you focus on the primary objective and commit to being partners rather than adversaries, two will always work better than one.

Stop fighting and arguing over insignificant matters. The more you disagree, the more time you waste and the less you will get accomplished. You can recuperate many things in life, but time is not one of them. Some people live for drama, and don't want to work together. They like being at odds, lobbying for position, fighting for territory, always wanting to be right. Exhausting! If you are one of those people, I encourage you to take a beat, re-evaluate your priorities, and start giving your energy to what matters. Most of all remember you are not an island and you can only go so far alone.

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