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Mask Required Prior to Entry

There is a permanent mask mandate in the building where my office is located. You must wear a mask to enter the building and walk through common areas. This was instituted during the height of COVID and remains a policy of the building owners. There is a temperature machine in the lobby that guests must use prior to entering any office suites. Hand sanitizer remains in select areas throughout the building and in tenant offices. COVID and its variants are here to stay and we must adjust to this way of living.

I spoke with my doctor at my annual physical last year and asked him about the future of COVID. He advised me that we missed an opportunity to defeat this disease at its onset and now we must deal with it like all the other diseases we currently fight. Annual vaccinations will be available like the flu and pneumonia vaccines. The flu is offered annually. Pneumonia is offered every five years. Eventually, a COVID shot will be offered every year.

The landscape of our world has changed. There will be some type of remote working scheduled offered to new and existing employees of corporations. Human resource health policies will change to protect employees and their general welfare, physically, emotionally, and mentally. People will continue to wear masks even with relaxed mandates in medical facilities, airlines, schools, and other venues where people gather. COVID is not over and unfortunately will be a topic of discussion for the foreseeable future.

Changes occur in the world from time to time. There is outdated communication equipment in my mailroom. I watch some period-era television shows and look at the props representing time gone by. I remember my home telephone number which letters were used to identify numbers (VA3-1793). Change affects us all, good and bad, but we learn to adjust and move forward. No one expected COVID just as no one expected the Spanish Flu a hundred years ago. Yet our resilience enables us to keep moving and fighting with an expectation that one day things will return to "normal" whatever that was.

Let's buckle up for what's next and remember no matter our next, we will get through it together.

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