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Mastering the Art of Encouragement

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

In a world where so much is wrong, it is easy to point out every fault and failure of man. The incessant complaining does little to change our world from bad to better. People are tired, angry, frustrated, and want relief from the foolishness. Relief is possible when we adjust our thinking to focus on what is good in people, not what is bad. Some people believe others are responsible for their contentment. Once those plans backfire, they belittle those people and fault them for their lack of happiness. There isn't a person on this planet who can make you happy. Contentment only comes when a person is satisfied with themself from the inside and remember they are a fearful and wonderful creation.

Encouraging the best in others also helps bring peace and contentment to life. I am always speaking to people, encouraging people, and praising the best in people. First, because to do so costs nothing. Second, to speak kindness into the minds of others will eventually return to me. It's called the law of sowing and reaping. Some people are natural encouragers. It is part of their temperament and personality. Others have to work at it, often missing good opportunities to bless others because they have yet to overcome the roots of bitterness and resentment left with them from poor relationships with family and friends.

Encouragement is mentally healthy. The smiles and warmth returned to you after giving a compliment create a lasting vibe in your heart. Encouragement creates a feeling of joy that lightens each day and minimizes the stress of a dysfunctional world. Most importantly, encouragement empowers people and makes them believe they can accomplish anything. Start practicing encouragement today by doing the following:

  1. Stop looking for things to criticize. Focus on the good in people, what is right and highlight those things at every opportunity.

  2. Send encouraging notes, email, text messages to people. Make people feel good about themselves at every opportunity.

  3. Give hugs frequently. It is not always the words that make people feel good, but the human touch.

  4. Speak to the future of people, not their past. Some people want to forget the error of their ways. Don't remind them of those mistakes. It hurts and it makes you look weak.

  5. Let people know you genuinely and sincerely love and care about them. Many people have never heard the words 'I love you" spoken to them. Don't take it for granted when people tell you how much you mean to them.

  6. Show people how great they can be. Refuse to focus on their present condition. People can change with encouragement and support.

  7. Be empathetic. The experiences of others could be you and some people would love to exchange their problems for yours.

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