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No Man is an Island

COVID is now called an endemic, meaning its most damaging days are behind us. However, companies are making drastic cuts in staffing, while other companies are struggling to find capable staff to fill important roles in departments. The pressure to find strong candidates puts pressure on leaders to handle many responsibilities alone. Some leaders do not have qualified staff and are wearing many hats to get certain tasks completed. This is not a healthy way to manage a team.

Delegation is difficult for leaders who have a standard. If team members don't share that standard work will be completed incorrectly. The value of excellence, no matter how often it is communicated, is not shared and the outcomes are reflected in poor performance. Leaders fall into the old trap, "if you want something done right, do it yourself." This is a mentally and physically exhausting position to have, especially if you operate in a demanding role with a highly visible company.

It make take time to find the best persons to fill the positions necessary to make your department high performing. Until those people manifest, here are some tips on delegation that will ease your burden and make your work load a bit lighter.

  1. Organize department tasks and assignments. Delegate them to team members based on their skill and competence levels.

  2. Know your role in leadership. Leaders are strategic players. Make sure you are operating within the sphere of your primary assignment.

  3. Do not micromanage. Once you assign tasks, let your team do their jobs.

  4. Get your people trained. Many team members need upskilling. Help them realize their areas of weakness and direct them toward the training needed for them to accomplish their assignments.

  5. Stop doing stuff. Some leaders have capable staff, but refuse to keep their hands off certain projects.

  6. Ask for help. If you do not have the people in place, get help. Look inside and outside for potential shifts and additions to make your team stronger.

  7. Let your leaders lead. Once you have identified team leaders, give them a chance to prove their worth and shine. They will never mature while you are hovering.

The primary goal of every leader is to work themselves out of leadership. As you look for your successor, you will work more efficiently within your role and your department will grow in strength and consistency. This makes you look good as leader and builds trust in your leadership among team members and peers.

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