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Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Tension is all around us. The various climates that make up society are filled with foolishness and mayhem. You may do a good job of managing your life, but others around you not so much. The stress of others spills into your world increasing your personal and professional levels of stress.

Stress is a silent killer. Aches and pains in the body may be attributed to stress. Other body malfunctions may be attributed to stress. Breakdowns in relationships may be attributed to stress. If these issues are not addressed the mind, body, and spirit may break down in ways taking it a longer time to recover. In more tragic situations, stress leads to addictions and suicide.

What are direct factors of stress? Here are a few.

  1. High profile or demanding positions of authority in the workplace.

  2. Situations and circumstances regarding immediate and extended family.

  3. Prolonged health issues of self and loved ones.

  4. Financial matters regarding lack of income or unforeseen expenses.

  5. Anxiety and uncertainty regarding the state of affairs in our world.

  6. Concerns regarding children, grandchildren, their safety and care when away from your direct supervision.

These factors cause stress because they are out of our control. The greatest cause of stress is not being able to control what happens next. We live in a time of continued unpredictable questions and conclusions. Stress cannot be eliminated entirely, but thought and care given to life can minimize the mental and emotional damage of stress. Here are some keys to removing some stress from your life.

  1. Set your priorities in order. Priorities are based on values. You cannot do everything at once. You cannot be everywhere at once. It is not humanly possible for you to be superman or superwoman. Stop wearing yourself out emotionally and mentally trying to accomplish everything in a day. Set your priorities on what matters to you. Everything else must take a number and wait in line for the next available person.

  2. Organize your life. If you are trying to do everything at once, you will be overwhelmed. Organize your life as follows: a. What must be done, b. what needs to be done, c. what can wait. If it is not a life or death matter, most concerns can be lumped into group C.

  3. Remove stressful people. Some people breed drama and confusion. Let people handle their own chaos. If you didn't start it, why are you trying to finish it? People make bad choices and bad decisions and expect you to provide the solutions for those consequences. Gracefully eliminate their foolishness from your mental rolodex. You can't save everyone and some people don't want to be saved.

  4. Find some stress relievers that work. Go to the gym. Get massages. Turn off your smartphone for a couple of hours daily. Binge watch your favorite show. Go out with some friends. Pray for yourself and others. Find a plan that works and make it part of your daily routine.

  5. Learn to say no. The smallest word in the dictionary must become the largest word in your vocabulary. Learn to say no and liberate your mind. People will take all the time you give them without remorse. If you continually make yourself available, people will find things for you to do. If you were not around, they would find a way to get it done. Let people figure it out.

It takes time to apply these principles. Practice them daily and you will see results. Take care of you. You are the most important person you know.

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