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The Commitment of Your Assignment

I learned the business of consulting over 30 years ago. I started with an IBM personal computer with a business partner in an office in Detroit. The partnership failed and I learned a very valuable lesson about knowing your assignment and sticking to it. I rebranded my business and started working from my basement. I learned another valuable lesson about your assignment and the commitment needed to be successful. I was all over the place offering services. I was good, but not great. I thought about what I was put on earth to do and focused on my assignment - building greatness in others one person at a time.

My business began to grow and I would often kick myself for not being more consistent in the early days of my enterprise. Once I was locked in I realized no matter what others were doing, I needed to use my gifts, talents, and abilities and be great. I honed my craft, carved out a niche market for my brand, and have not veered from it within the last twenty years. I enjoy what I do and am very good at it - building greatness in others one person at a time. The slogan of the Binion Consulting Group is WE BUILD - WE TRAIN - WE FIX. I have the pleasure of working with clients across the United States in taking leaders from good to great.

It is important to commit to the assignment given to you. Distractions are easy and often. You cannot do many things well. Less is more. It is better to focus on a few things and be excellent than many things and be average. Money comes when you do what you love. And as my father used to tell me, "The difficult is done at once. The impossible takes a little longer." If people focused on knowing their assignment and perfecting it, the business society would be more efficient. There are some professions that people should avoid no matter how much they pay. What good do you do for your customers by making a ton of money and provided poor customer service? Broken homes, broken educational systems, broken models prevent people from discovering their purpose and tapping into its benefits. However, it is never too late to find and finish your assignment.

I remember reading a story about a pastor of a small congregation who faithfully committed to leading people of his community. When he passed away, the congregation placed a marker on the building which stated "He knew his assignment and was committed to his purpose." Some people think large numbers, power, fame, and fortune are signs of success. Success is being consistent even when the world around you is inconsistent. I understand the industry I serve. I study, read, and constantly research new methods of leadership and new ideals I translate into successful business models. No matter the climate I stick with what I know because that knowledge pays off through diligence.

If you want greatness, pay its price. Your assignment may take you many places. Don't be afraid to go where your greatness leads you. Focus on your assignment and finish it. It may not look like the assignments of others, but that is okay. It shouldn't.

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