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The Least is the Greatest

Many of you know my love for the game of Chess. I have played since I was a child and in college held an amateur ranking. The game was created in the 7th century AD by India soldiers. The original pieces were military figures. Later these pieces evolved into the modern day pieces. The smallest piece on the board is the Pawn; however, inexperienced players give little thought to this piece. It is the most powerful piece on the board. In teaching chess to novices, I take all the large pieces off the board except pawns. This allows me to show strategy surrounding their movement on the board. People are like pawns in Chess. They have significant purposes during times of our lives. For example,

Pawns position. The game begins with "pawn position". The success of the game depends on which pawns you use in the opening. Some people enter your life at certain times to position you. Their ability to move you to the right place at the right time is needed for you to achieve your purpose and win in life.

Pawns protect. Pawns protect other pawns and other pieces on the board. Some people are sent to you to protect you from harm's way. They caution you when needed so you won't make poor choices and decisions. They also prevent you from being "captured" by life's subtle traps.

Pawns provoke. Pawns attack on a diagonal and can often attack two pieces at once. These moves are called a threat and designed to force pieces to move. Often, we need to be provoked. If we stay in the same place for too long, it may be necessary for our comfort zones to be threatened so we will move accordingly. Such moves help us think about our future, becoming more focused and strategic on our life plans.

Pawns pass. In the game of Chess there is a pawn move called "en passant." This allows a pawn to capture another pawn that has passed them by two squares. Some people move too quickly in life, overlooking valuable opportunities. Smart people recognize these opportunities and take advantage of them.

Pawns promote. The pawn is the only piece in the game able to promote. If it reaches its last rank, it promotes to a piece of more mobility and strategy. Promotion in life occurs when we pass all life's major tests and prove ourselves ready to handle more responsibility. Promotion occurs when we successfully complete assignments and are ready for the next one.

Pawns only move forward. Every other piece in the game can move in multiple directions. Our greatest challenge in life is to remain focused on a single direction. We are tempted to go left, right, and backward depending on life situations. We lose sight of the goal, get off our path, and waste valuable time trying to correct such mistakes. If we maintain our focus and look straight ahead, we will reach our destination faster and with more success.

That is a lot of strategy for such a small piece. There are no insignificant people in life. Each of us has purpose and set on a course of destiny. Be sure to know where you are in life's game of Chess. Your role is key to someone's victory as well as your promotion and success.

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