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They Don't Have Coloring Here?!

My wife and I had dinner at one of our regular Italian spots. A family came in with four young children. Upon being seated, one of the little girls, about age 6, said, "They don't have coloring here?" She expected to receive a child's menu with crayons. I chuckled at her insistence that this restaurant should have a menu for her to color while she waits for her food. I was also impressed by this child's ability to read her menu, select her meal, and tell the server how she wanted it prepared. She clearly knew what she wanted. She had a standard of expectation.

Adults have difficulty knowing what they want because some don't have a standard. There are also adults who have unrealistic expectations based on a standard laced with fantasy. Often, our desires are tainted by what we see and hear coming from our life influences. We create this list of wants, needs, and must-haves, forgetting much of this does not exist in the real world. I used to wonder why Hollywood stars married and divorced so frequently. I realized that their view of relationships is based on the characters they portray, not real life human interaction. They cannot have successful relationships once they step out of character.

You have heard the saying, "if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything." Standards should guide every decision we make. If you know what you want in purchasing a car, don't settle for less. If you know what you want in purchasing a home, don't settle for less. If you know what you want in a career, don't settle for less. What good is a standard if you are going to compromise when waiting becomes too challenging? The faces may change, but the standard never varies. Getting what you want takes time. Settling will often provide you with an overnight sensation.

Speaking of restaurants I will not sit by the kitchen, restroom, or the front door. These are high traffic areas that can interrupt my dining experience. Some people don't care where they sit as long as they get a seat. They are impatient. Impatience causes you to miss the object of your desire. How many entrepreneurs have failed because they did not want to wait for profits to become stable? How many managers and business leaders have hired the wrong people because they refused to wait for the most qualified applicant? How many unhappy people walk the earth because they made choices based on impatience? A standard prevents you from making a poor choice. It also provides clarity needed for good judgement.

Know what you want. If you haven't received it, re-evaluate your standards. They may be too low or too lofty. Don't ever compromise your standard. Just remember that nothing good happens overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes 48,692,183,040 rain drops to fill a swimming pool. Make sure there are crayons in the restaurant. You may want to color while you wait.

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