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We Did Not Come Here to Stay

My mother told me as a child that life evolves in seasons. We are only on this planet for a little while and it is up to us to do the most with time we have been gifted. She also taught me in the words of a church hymn that "time is filled with swift transitions." Over the years of my life I discovered this to be true.

The COVID plague has taught us how valuable and transient life is. People we expected to be with us have departed. Established business institutions have closed their doors forever. People have finally stopped to smell the roses and realized there were more weeds than roses and a change was needed. Employees quit their jobs and decided to move onto other areas of the marketplace. There are transitions all around us, some good, and some heart-breaking.

What has been glaring is the fact that we did not come here to stay and at some point life will end for us all. Therefore, we have a responsibility to live life to its fullest, discover our purpose, complete our life assignments, so that at the conclusion of our lives we will have no regrets. It isn't that life is too short. We wait too long to start living, watch time pass us by, and realize at age 40 that we don't have time left to dream.

Start living and make each day count. Don't worry about when life will end. Focus on the new beginnings you have every morning you awake.

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