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What to Do With Everything

I had a painful conversation with my wife over the weekend about prioritizing my priorities. She is usually right about these things and I was convicted about not being proactive in completing certain life projects. I did explain to her I have been under a bit of stress looking at my calendar and wondering how I will get certain things done timely. I have some time constraints and some things are more urgent than others. I admit that on some things I have procrastinated. A few of these projects should be done by now, but others are more puzzling because their completion involves the development of key strategic relationships and the mobilization of key resources and assets.

What do you do when everything is important and everything is pressing? A sure way to stress is to worry about everything and to let the clock wind down without making any attempt to get things done. If you are like me you also have the challenge of sorting out great information from good information and sifting that wisdom to apply it at the right time. Timing is everything and you want to move at the precise time, not too soon, not too late. There is also the question of how to juggle other priorities, home, children, health care, recreation, finance, ministry, and other commitments. There is only one you and how do you get everywhere at the same time?

This balancing act of life can complicate things, but to sit back and not do nothing, or make excuses is unacceptable. You must move. You must take leaps of faith. You must plan. You must go for it. As we approach 2023, let's take inventory of what we have neglected over the years and make a concerted effort to cross some things off our lists. No matter what the project is, or how long it takes, start making moves toward completing them. Find the resources. Find the people. Ask the right questions. Get the help. The things that are within your control do them. Try not to worry about the things that are not. Most importantly, don't waste time being comfortable. Put a practical plan together and get it done.

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