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Mastering the business of excellence.


To influence leadership personally and professionally in every area of society, establishing a global model of efficiency and productivity, transforming culture and building success.




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Kevin Binion started the Binion consulting group in 2002 after a successful career as an executive with General Motors.  At GM, Kevin learned the principles needed to run an organization efficiently and was quickly promoted to executive leadership.  He began his consulting career providing career transition services to executives and managers in companies across the country, along with new venture consulting.


Kevin founded the Binion Consulting Group to provide, leadership, and management consulting services.  Our motto, "Mastering the Business of Excellence" has proven effective in helping business leaders identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization structure and development. Kevin continues to provide leadership to his company, while facilitating innovative strategies to his clients.


The Binion Consulting Group serves companies in all industries including the United States Government, military, and education.  We have traveled across the United States and Canada working with teams and individuals in planning, administration, corporate restructuring, and principle centered leadership solutions.  The Binion Consulting Group is also recognized as a leader in executive training, and a certified business consulting corporation. 

B I N I O N    C O N S U L T I N G   G R O U P 

4777 E. Outer Drive, Suite 1157

Detroit, Michigan 48234

O: 313.368.0240

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