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Since 1997, the Binion Consulting Group has provided excellent leadership and management training for companies across the United States.  We take pride in helping individuals achieve their corporate leadership and management goals.

Search for the workshop topic of interest. If it is not on our list, we can customize training for you.

Strategy & Leadership

Coaching, Mentoring, and Succession Planning

Solutions Driven Leadership

Reorganizing and Restructuring

Fixing Your Corporate Culture

Building a Power Team

Talent Acquisition & People

Leading and Managing People

Diversity and Equity in the Workplace

Building Dynamic Teams

Developing a Collaborative Mindset

Evaluating Team Performance

Engagement & Workplace Culture

True Colors Personality Assessment

Introduction to Professionalism

Professional Communication

Communication Without Conflict

Business in America

Students/Emerging Professionals

True Colors Personality Assessment

Targeting Interviewing

Understanding Negotiating

Charting a Career Path

Building Your Personal Brand

Getting the Career You Want

Networking 101

Preparing for Your Career

Planning Work/Life Balance

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Let’s build excellent leaders Together

Contact us for a pre-workshop analysis so we can customize training to your corporate needs.

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