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we work for excellence

A common testimonial from our clients is on the excellence of our product and presentation.  We make every workbook, graphic, and interaction unique to the clients we serve.  We want our customers to have an experience that cannot be compared.  We know we are not the only training organization in the United States.  We do know that the majority of our clients are long-term, and many of our new clients come to us by referral.

who are our clients?

Our clients are companies that want to excel.  We aren't looking for clients that simply want to fulfill a training mandate, or exhaust a training budget for fear that it won't be renewed.  Training is not a formality to us.  It is a requirement on the path to becoming exceptional.

Leaders and management teams who work with us are committed to making investments in their employees. They want their organizations to be great.  They want to retain good talent, and create a culture that attracts the best talent.  We serve the Fortune 1000, as well as those working to gain good fortune.

Since we opened our doors in 2001, the Binion Consulting Group has worked to satisfy the marketplace with exceptional delivery of training courses that prepare employees for the next steps in their careers and companies in becoming the example of customer service excellence.


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B I N I O N    C O N S U L T I N G   G R O U P 

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Detroit, Michigan 48234

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