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The Binion Consulting Group works to find the best trainers for our clients.  We service several industries in the marketplace and want to ensure that our clients will be satisfied after every training.  Our trainers are certified, insured, and evaluated on their experience and ability to utilize our tools and resources.

Why Our Trainers Excel

All trainers of the Binion Consulting Group are independent contractors who must pass our certification course.  We look for the following in our team:

People Skills

Our trainers care about the people they work with personally and professionally.  Our goal is to deliver training that benefits our clients in life on and off the job.


Our trainers are experts in their field of study.  We carefully align our clients with the topics they are best suited to train.  We ensure that your questions will be answered during each training session.


Our trainers are prepared to deliver information in a way that will make an impression on our clients.  We also expect our trainers to "know the room" and make adjustments if needed for our clients to retain the information.


Our trainers will be their unique selves.  We expect our trainers to show their personality, engage our clients professionally, and have fun while training.  

B I N I O N    C O N S U L T I N G   G R O U P 

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