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 kevin d. binion

For 25 years, Kevin has been a leader in the world of transformational leadership.  His work with companies around the globe has helped business and industry leaders reshape their mindsets regarding management of people.  His goal is to facilitate discussion about leadership styles that realigns mission, vision, and core values to produce excellent companies, teams, and leaders.  Kevin is the author of 40 books on leadership, professional development, and faith.  His inspirational conversations have motivated many executives and managers to change their attitudes toward the marketplace and the people that help make their businesses successful.

My Story

Kevin graduated as a National Honor Society student from the Detroit Public schools.  He attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on a full scholarship majoring in Journalism.  During his time at Wayne State he worked in advertising for the university newspaper and as a research assistant in the Institute of Gerontology.  Kevin graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Public Relations.  Unable to find suitable employment in his field, he enrolled in a computer training program which introduced him to coding and applications development.  He mastered the applications in six weeks of the twelve week program and was hired by Ameritech Michigan Bell as a Systems Design Consultant.

Kevin continued in the computer field until a contract opportunity led him to General Motors as a data analyst.  Kevin contracted with GM for eight months.  He was offered a career opportunity with two other companies when General Motors offered him a position in management.  Kevin was put on the leadership track at General Motors and promoted in six months.  Kevin spent the next 13 years in leadership at General Motors concluding his career as an executive in the Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing Department (VSSM).  In VSSM, Kevin managed the dealer support for 5,000 domestic dealerships and a team of 375 which included managers and support personnel.

In 2001, General Motors restructured their operations and Kevin decided to pursue other interests.  In January 2002, he started the Binion Consulting Group to provide management and leadership training to companies.  Kevin has traveled the country and international markets to provide management solutions and leadership development training.  Kevin is one of the most respected corporate trainers in his industry and continues to provide leadership training to companies in several areas including education, manufacturing, government, and technology.

Kevin is very active in his community as a mentor to entrepreneurs and young business leaders, former youth coach in baseball and football, counselor, and life coach.  Kevin has received numerous awards from the community for his dedication and service.  Kevin is a certified business professional and as been featured in magazines, television, radio, and many podcasts.  Kevin has been the keynote speaker for leadership and management conferences for many companies including Circle K, Capital One, and the University of Notre Dame.  Kevin credits his success to his Christian faith, and to his parents who instilled a strong work ethic, and the spirit of excellence.

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If you are interested in booking Kevin as a speaker for your next conference or exposition, please email, or call our offices at (313) 368-0240.

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